Welcome | Grace Baptist Church Alliston


Some things in our culture are positive.  Here in Canada we are challenged to be truthful and transparent.  We are challenged to use careful and thoughtful language.  We are challenged to make sure that we represent the Bible for what it says, not what we want it to say.  This is good for me.  I don’t need to ‘recover’ from this.

However, the Canadian view of success influences me to be weak.  I naturally like things fast, easy, and flashy. I am drawn to the luxury of Starbucks and to the impressiveness of a new car.  Someone once said of my generation, “You only read the headlines because you are too busy with the sitcoms.”  As well, just like everyone else, I feel pressured to be tolerant of all things and all people.  We can be conversational and humanitarian here, but there is almost a militant attack against the absolute statements of our Christian faith.  So I am recovering from my own habits of ease.   We are recovering from our timidity.

Would you like to join us?20170708_125448

This is a church full of young families, individuals, and seniors who want to flee from the evil pressures of our culture.  We want to experience the profound joy of simple obedience to Jesus.  God is holy; we should be holy.  God is merciful; we should be merciful.

You are very welcome to join us on this exciting journey.  Our types of ministry are stretching for the family and individuals.  They really are.  It is not easy to slow down and do the right things.  It is not easy to do the weightier things of God’s calling.  However, I firmly believe it is worth the challenge to overcome the patterns of this world.Mikes Grad0360

– Pastor Mike