Get Connected | Grace Baptist Church Alliston

Sunday Morningsroad

On Sunday Mornings at Grace Alliston, we spend time being lifted up by intimate worship and then diving deep into Biblical truth.  We incorporate singing, drama, prayer, giving, and preaching.

We have a prayer time starting at 9:00am.  We hope everyone will join us to start the Lord’s Day seeking his face.  Then we meet at 10:00am every Sunday to worship through Word and song.  After the service, people hang around for conversation and community.  This is an opportunity to talk about the morning’s message, get to know the people of Grace better, and to feel more a part of the church community.IMG_5302

Apprenticeship Groups

Jesus said, “Come follow me.”  Followership is important and we believe the best way to train is apprenticeship: “I do, we do, you do.”  In order to equip local Christians to do work of the ministry, we get together in small groups every week.   It is like shop class every week!  We are attempting to prepare individuals through study, to pray for the task at hand, and to then have each small group do the work.  Our goal is to creatively pass on godly principles and spiritual habits to each other and to the next generation.  Each small group will involve critical-thinking, collaborating, and executing.

A few groups that we offer seasonally include:

  • Children’s Choir
  • Vision and Values Course
  • Youth Alpha Program
  • Marriage Mentoring
  • Fatherhood/Motherhood Course
  • Griefshare Program
  • Justice Group
  • Kingsmere Outreach

Some of these weekly events will be a great opportunity for parents with young children to walk and talk with their kids.  As the parents do ministry, the children will learn to follow them “hand in hand.”  Other small groups will be specialized training and ministry time for adults or older students.