Pastor Mike | Grace Baptist Church Alliston

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.39.37 AMMike has the joy of being husband to Sarah and father to four healthy children: Simon, Gabriel, Maylah, and Galilee-Ling.

Mike is passionate and creative as a communicator and coach.  He loves to challenge individuals from the Bible towards transformational and wise living.

Mike graduated from Heritage Bible College with a B.R.E. in 2000.  He received an M.A.R. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2002.   He is currently working on a D.Min from Trinity International University.

Some important days in Mike’s life are:

“The day I got food poisoning after eating 7-day-old-unrefrigerated yogurt and my mom cared for me the way she always did.”

“The day I got caught shop lifting and my dad opened his Bible to correct me the way he always did.”

“The day Sarah accepted me and returned my love.”

“The day Simon was born at sunrise.”

“The day we moved to Mozambique Africa.”

“The day Gabriel was diagnosed with childhood liver cancer in South Africa and every moment we spent at Sick Kids in Toronto during his recovery.”

“The day Maylah first smiled at me with a full excited smile.”

“The day we flew to China to pick up Galilee-Ling and through out that first year when she learned to trust and then love us.”

“The day we will stand in heaven with Jesus, and with friends and family who passed on before us, with no more death, no more tension in relationships, or crying, or pain…”