FAQ | Grace Baptist Church Alliston

When is your worship service?

Lord’s Day Prayer:                                              9:00-9:30 AM
Worship Service:                                                10:00-11:30 AM

What can I expect on Sunday morning?

At Grace we are committed to a creative, compelling, and challenging presentation of God’s truth.

You can expect an 80-90 minute service.

You can expect to hear contemporary music blended with classical hymns thoughtfully planned to prepare your heart for a message from God’s Word.

You can expect to have your kids invited to come to the front for what we call Kid’s Corner.  Here, Pastor Mike and others gather the younger children to the front to give them an object lesson that relates to the sermon.

You can expect to see children and teens tagging along with their parents in the service.  Pastor Mike communicates in a way that speaks to today’s culture.  He focuses on how to apply Christ’s teachings to our lives, so we each can experience God’s incredible joy and transformation every day.  You can expect to hear creative expository preaching, complimented by the odd topical series.

Where do I take my children?

At the beginning of the service, even your youngest kids stay with you.  They join the adults for three songs, then after Kid’s Corner children 0-4 are allowed to go to our children’s wing for a playtime, Bible story, and some activities.  We have a great children’s team who cares for these young ones.

Children five and older stay in the service.  Each week we prepare activity sheets and journals to help the younger ones enjoy being beside mom and dad.  Your child can pickup their learning tools at the back of the sanctuary.

Why don’t we do Sunday school?  Why do the kids join the adults?  Won’t kids get bored and dislike church?  These are Good questions.  We have made the intentional decision to help children learn to obey, listen, and worship God by being with their parents while they worship. In the worship service, we give them a taste for God’s word and at the same time create a venue for parental correction.  We include Kid’s Corner, which is an object lesson for the kids, and our pastors make a unique effort to have application points for the children.  Our people are gracious with any little one who is getting used to sitting respectfully.

Do you have something for students?

We have a real heart for students at Grace. Pastor Mike has significant youth ministry experience and a passion to coach young people towards successful living.

On Sunday morning students are invited to stay in the service with the adults, as we will engage them with insightful and meaningful teaching from the Bible.

Mid-week, students are welcome to join in our apprenticeship groups.  Younger children are encouraged to join their family in this apprenticeship time and older students are welcome to be trained to do the work of the ministry all with other believers from all different ages.  We want our young people to be leaders in training, learning to serve and have responsibility while being stretched and spurred forward by others outside of their peer group.

Why don’t we have youth service?  Are we crazy thinking that teens will meet with parents, seniors, and younger siblings?  We have made the intentional decision to grow heterogeneously here.  This means we hope to create life-on-life relationships across the generations and we try to draw our children and students into the greater ministry life of the church family.  Why?

  • We believe parents need encouragement and guidance to be with and to train their school aged children.
  • We believe that teens need parents to show them the way and that they want to be with their parents even if they don’t express it.
  • We believe that too many teens don’t get the chance to actually learn from and care for others who are older.  This makes them self-focused, immature, and discouraged.
  • We believe students who are given responsibility and see the fruit of serving, often see God’s power at work in their own lives throughout adulthood.

To find out more about this, read Family Integration.